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Company Sellers International has resourced hundreds of lenders to connect our users with a wide variety of funding solutions to help you buy, grow or start-up a business.  At no cost to the client, Company Sellers International offers small and mid-sized companies, as well as individual buyer, a better way to secure capital in amounts ranging from $50,000 to $10,000,000.  We will expedite the loan you need for business acquisitions, business expansion, re-financing, and other business projects.


At no cost to you, we will review your pertinent data with our lenders to determine if there is a match.


We do it right the first time, working closely with all parties, so that all the details needed for a viable loan package are submitted correctly. Our experience in this area pays off in a smoother process.

Even before we receive the loan commitment, we are working to close your loan. We guide you through gathering the maze of details that could otherwise delay, or even endanger your closing.

We make sure that you and the other parties, including the lender's closing officer and attorney are right on track, addressing all the details and issues in an expeditious manner.

Business Loan Programs:

  • Business Acquisitions - The purchase of a business or franchise along with improvements, working capital and closing costs.

  • Commercial Real Estate - Owner-occupied commercial real estate with up to 25 year terms.

  • Business Expansions - Loans to expand your business, your facility or base of operations.

  • Franchises - The total investment for startup operations or additional locations.

  • Refinancing of Debt - Consolidate or refinance short term high interest loans and lower your monthly payments

  • Equipment and Furniture - 10 year loans that can be combined with other needs into one loan package.

Business Financing
Acting as financial brokers for our clients, we have the ability to obtain financing when possibly no one else can. We have built relationships with banks, guarantors, commercial finance companies, asset-based lenders, factors, venture capitalists, and many other public and private lenders to assure the best loan at the best rates.

We are sure that you will find that with years of experience, we can help you find what you are looking for.

Commercial Financing

Banks, Guarantors, Commercial finance companies, asset based lenders, factors, venture capitalists, angel investors, etc.

Government Secured Financing
SBA loans, S.B.I.C. financing, other government programs.

Benefits to our Client

  • Time Saved - We save the client an enormous amount of time and effort by using an experienced, professional approach to sourcing hundreds of financing options.

  • Money Saved - With our large number of financial sources, our goal is to save our clients the maximum amount of money while providing them with the best terms available.

    We conduct preliminary credit evaluations and preliminary underwriting. When the deal is packaged and assembled it is submitted to our potential lenders and they will respond promptly. Upon receiving the basic information, we will begin processing your deal. Benjamin Ross Group is employed and works for the borrower.


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